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How It Works

1. Create a profile

Here's where you'll add some basic details about yourself so tenants can get to know you, such as your name, a short bio and a picture of yourself.

2. List your home

It's super simple. Select when it's available, the price, the beds/rooms you have, the address and that's it.

3. Get a list of the perfect tenants

Instantly receive a list of tenants who are looking for exactly what you've described. You can view their profile, get to know them and contact who you're interested in.

Why it's awesome

Find the exact tenants you want

We only show you tenants that are looking for exactly what you've described. You'll know you have relevant, prospective candidates straight away.

Find tenants instantly

Listing your home only takes a few minutes, and as soon as you do it, you'll instantly have a complete list of prospective tenants with all their contact details. It couldn't be easier.

Learn everything about prospective tenants

We show you a complete profile of prospective tenants before you even meet them. This makes finding people you want living in your home super easy.

Save a huge amount of time

Browsing through a hoard of tenant applications, sorting through them and then meeting them is a huge workload. We'll make it as easy as possible by doing the vetting for you.

You choose who to contact

Rather than tenants contacting you - you contact them. This saves you from countless emails from tenants who aren't what you're looking for.

Built to help solve the housing problem everywhere

After moving to Whistler for the ski season in September 2016, I realised how insanely hard it is to find a house here.

From talking to landlords, I realised that they all receive an insane amount of applications from hoards of people desperate for a home. I figured that there had to be a better way.

And so, here it is! With my web dev skills, I worked out that I could probably build a solid platform quicker than it'd take me to find a home (I'm not even kidding - it's that hard here). And not only would it find me a home, it'd also significantly reduce the housing problem on a global scale.

After talking to landlords and others searching for a house like myself, brainstorming and testing the idea, this was pieced together. It's still growing, and has even been featured in the media.

As a landlord, I hope it makes your job way easier :)

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