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How It Works

1. Create a profile

Here's where you'll add the details landlords want to know, such as your name, a short bio, a picture of yourself, any references you have and those things.

2. Apply for where you want to go

It's super simple. Select where/when you want to go, your budget, who you're bringing, the type of house you want and that's it.

3. The perfect home will find you

We'll do the rest. Our system will find you a home whilst you keep livin' the dream. Landlords will find you if you meet their criteria. If they're interested, they'll contact you.

Why it's awesome

Find the exact house you want

We give you options to select for all your needs. We'll match you with homes that have exactly that.

Takes almost none of your time

It's super straightforward, and takes only a few minutes to apply for housing. That's it. You can keep livin' the dream whilst our robots find you a place.

Easily find housing with others

You can easily apply for housing with other people and keep everyone together. No one gets left behind here.

It's fair for everyone

The longer you've been waiting for a home, the higher chance we'll give you in finding one.

It's 100% free

If you're travelling, you're probably on a budget. We're here to help you out, which is why it's completely free.

Made by a backpacker, for backpackers

After moving to Whistler for the ski season in September 2016, I realised how insanely hard it is to find a house here.

I noticed that people in the hostel were literally spending up to 5 hours a day browsing Craigslist. I honestly thought to myself "fuck that - there has to be a solution."

And so, here it is! With my web dev skills, I worked out that I could probably build a solid platform quicker than it'd take me to find a home (I'm not even kidding - it's that hard here). It'd not only find me a house, but help solve the housing problem across the entire world.

After talking to other tenants in the hostel, brainstorming and testing the idea, this was pieced together. It's still growing, and has even been featured in the media.

I hope you like it, and that it helps you :)

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